Thursday, October 21, 2010

I Love October And Halloween

I absolutely adore Halloween. So much so that I got married on Halloween, in Zombie costume no less.

So it's no surprise to any of my friends that my first written crochet pattern was for a pumpkin. I designed the amigurumi pumpkin in Oct of 2009.

Also, this year during our local yarn crawl, I picked up some Halloween Themed yarn! Super cute merino superwash sock yarn in black and orange from Etsy seller The Craft's Meow. I got her merino/nylon blend, Ice Cream Sundae in the colorway Punkin Twist, bought at a local yarn store (LYS) The Tinsmith's Wife.

Here's a cute picture of the window basket at the store that I found the yarn in.

Punkin twist is there on the left. All of the yarn in this basket was dyed by the Craft's Meow. She's very wonderful!

I always make my own costumes. I find store bought costumes to look cheap (my own personal taste, not one I hold others to), and they just lack the creativity that comes with designing and making your own costume.  Last year I was Red Riding Hood, complete with a cute little basket. I won the mini costume contest that my knitting group held at our monthly potluck.  The year before was my wedding, and I was a Zombie Bride with black roses in my hair and in my bouquet.

This year I'm going to be a gypsy. I'm very pleased with the design I've chosen and the colors that I've picked out.

So in the hopes of getting comments, why don't you tell me what you plan to be for Halloween this year? If you're a knitter or crocheter, are you planning on or have you already crafted any Halloween themed items this year? Please share links with pictures!


  1. I plan to be Emma Stone's character from Easy A :D

    And Punkin Twist looks adorable!

  2. I'm going to be a candy-passer-outer at my fiance's grandparent's house >_> hehehe

    I wish I could dress up but i have nowhere to go :(

  3. I wanted to be Little Rock from Zombieland D: </3 but that wont pan out probably.

  4. Not sure what I wanna be this Halloween. It's becoming a little overrated for me :P

    O my default plan though is CRAZY BRIDE. I've got a wedding dress already. I'm gonna wear it, and carry around these 2 stuffed dolls I have and bug my boyfriend and pretend that those dolls are his kids and be all clingy and shit. I'll be like "DO YOU STILL LOVE ME EVEN THOUGH WE HAVE 2 KIDS AND DEAD END JOBS?!?!" Lol.

  5. I don't know what I'm going to be for Halloween. I think I'm just going to pass out candy; or even better, eat the candy.

  6. I'm going to take it easy this year and just wear my Jack Skellington kigurumi ;p I have to wear something easy to move in because I work with kids and we're having a mini carnival-ish thing...

    Gypsy is a super cute Halloween costume! I bet it'll turn out great.

  7. I love the pumpkin from you're previous post! It's so cute :3

    I wish I could say something exciting about my Halloween but alas, being an Australia, we don't really get into the spirit of it here. Just an excuse for adults to get drunk really, haha.