Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Not A Halloween Themed Post


I swear I have other interests than Halloween. Especially when it comes to my knitting. I actually have four projects on the needles currently.

My main big giant project of DOOM is my Traveling Woman Shawl designed by Liz Abinante of  I'm using the colorway Stonechat in Malabrigo Sock.  So far so good, I haven't messed up the pattern yet.  I'm still working in stockinette though, and I haven't gotten to the pretty lacey part of the design. I guess I really have no excuse to mess up at this point, so I'm definitely glad it's going well.

Right now it looks like this:

I love the colors! Stonechat is my absolute favorite Malabrigo colorway. It just calls to me... and it's so soft. I love petting it. So currently it's at shawlette size, and I want it to be huge. Because I'm huge, and I actually want to be able to use this when it gets cooler. (Not cold, I live in Texas. Cold rarely happens here.)  I think I have another 20 rows or so of the boring yet safe stockinette left before I start the scary lace prettiness. It's currently my biggest knitting project to date, so I'm a little apprehensive about the whole thing.

But I used to be nervous about doing socks, and I rock those pretty well if I do say so myself. Tomorrow I think I'll do a sock montage of the ones I've completed. It's only four pairs so far, but they look pretty spiffy.

Speaking of socks, the Halloween ones are going fairly well. I have another three inches left on the first sock before I start decreasing for the toe, and then it's on to sock number two. Since I have no real plans today other than working on projects, I think I should be well into sock two before I hit the hay.

Well it's time to get my day started, I have a costume and socks to finish! Go Go Go!


  1. Those colors are so pretty! Can't wait to see your sock montage I am so impressed :D

  2. that's gorgeous. The most complicated thing i ever managed to knit was a scarf, so i'm always in awe of this kind of stuff :3

  3. So pretty! It looks very dolly kei :)

  4. That must take a ridiculous ammount of concentration ;___; which I would completely lack

  5. that shawl is pretty awesome! I didn't think there would be an official name for the colorway...hahaha.

  6. @Alex and Helen, actually all the BEST yarn brands have interesting names for their variegated colorways.

    @Pollariis, yeah, it does for certain things, which is why I'm fretting doing the lacework...

    @Ada, dude if you think that the shawl looks dolly kei, maybe one day I'll post a pic of this super cute shrug my friend made. She made it way too big for herself, so she gave it to me. It glitters.

  7. You are a knitting beast! Mixing in different colors must have been tough, though the outcome and palette is very pretty *-* Very dolly-kei <3

  8. Actually, the yarn comes that way! When I do the colorwork myself, I'll refer to it as fair isle knitting, and I'll make a huge deal about it, because it's pretty complicated. But in this case, it's just one strand of yarn that's been dyed all of those colors by the manufacturer.