Monday, November 22, 2010

I made a Snowflake.

I have some form of ADD when it comes to projects. I know I should be working on my socks that I promised you forever ago, but I is lazy. I'm sorry. I have two pattern repeats and then the toe left on the second sock, so that post should be sometime this week.

Chris' blanket is evil. Mitered squares are the devil.

I have been bequeathed a skien of watermelon sock yarn. I am really excited about that, but I need to finish the Halloween socks so I have a free needle to work with.

So here is a picture of my golden snowflake, as it's pinned down and drying after being painted with a paste mixture to keep it's shape.

Crochet thread is super tiny and kind of evil to work with.


  1. Holy cow, that looks very intricate and difficult to make! Great job!

  2. so pretty! I really like that color too.

  3. That is so cool. Have you ever considered taking up lace-making as one of your many skills? :D

    I ask because that's what the pins sticking up like that remind me of. haha

  4. I love your snowflake designs. I know the feeling of having ADD or ADHD or whatever. I have a dozen different projects of various types I've started and have yet to finish. I go back to them now and then until I get either frustrated or bored with them, then I move on to yet another NEW project - the snowflakes are fun because I actually FINISH them! lol! I like to add beads and crystals to them and hang them in the windows in our living room where the sun shines in the afternoon. My mother enjoys them very much. Thank you for sharing your designs so freely with us, you're not such a bad kitty. You're an angel in disguise. (My dad always said I had horns holding up my halo. Maybe that's you too? lol)