Monday, November 15, 2010

Toy Commissions

I am now taking toy commissions for crocheted toys.

Price of toy will depend on size of toy, type of yarn used, and whether or not I need to purchase a pattern for it.  Sometime in the future I might set up an Etsy account for pre-made toys.

If you would like to commission a toy please email me at


  1. Etsy is great, I do a lot of shopping there :D Although I already have a roomful of toys so I have no space for more :(

  2. I was wondering... do you also do sock commissions? :D

  3. Seconding Etsy! Maybe some of the LJ comms for themed pieces?

  4. @HSP Sock commissions could be very very costly.

    @Alex and Helen I can do a crocheted boob pillow!

    @lens I'm working on getting a store set up. I need to produce product first.