Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Toys Toys Toys!

When I first learned to crochet, it was for the main purpose of amigurumi, which roughly translates to "knitted stuffed toy." The knitted versions of the toys I have currently not attempted, because crocheting is just so much easier for toys.

Today I will show off my selection of toys made for different purposes.

This is my first attempt at a toy. I made a really awful Cthulhu. He became a cat toy.

This little one was a random testing of different techniques. Also became a cat toy.

I followed an actual pattern for this egg. Total Cat Toy.

Ms Cactus was made for a friend. She was my first real success.

I made all of these hearts for my friends for Valentines day.

And this post will end with my absolute favorite, Zomblie. I love Zomblie.

Come back tomorrow for more pictures of toys I have completed.


  1. omggggg i love ms cactus and zomblie!

  2. The cactus is super-cute! The zombie is my favorite, though. Is the blood dripping from his mouth felt?

  3. omg those hearts are sooooo cute. I wish I were better at crocheting so I can make things like these

  4. They are adorable! What are they filled with? Are they soft and squishy? xD

  5. WOW! These are so amazing, do you go to cons and sell them in the artist alleys? If not you should c:< There was this one girl at AX who was selling an Obama amigurumi XD I think it was $50? or was it $150? idk

  6. Wheeeeeeeee!!! Amigurumi!! :D they look great! where did you find the pattern for those hearts?