Friday, November 12, 2010

Toys Toys Toys! Part 4

This is my final toy post! Aren't we excited? These last five pictures conclude the toys that I have made that I remembered to take a picture of before I handed them off.

Squidie was commissioned.  I had a good time making him. His tentacles are actually pose-able.

Snowman is my very own creation. I'm actually writing up a pdf file of the pattern to sell on Ravelry.

Ice Cream Cone Rattle was made for my niece last Christmas.

This triceratops was made for my nephew last Christmas.

And my most recent creation, Super Bunny. Made for a very special little girl for her 3rd birthday. 

I even made Super Bunny a cape! I used the Animals in Pajamas pattern again for this. The pattern gives you ears for a regular bear, a koala bear, or a bunny.

Super Bunny was my most recently made toy. I've been concentrating on more knitting projects lately, so I haven't really made any toys recently.  I hope you liked all my creations!


  1. Sooo cute! I love superbunny and the squid!

  2. These toys kill me every time!! Superbunny is really cute, but the snowman amazes me because you designed him yourself!

  3. The ice cream cone rattle is amazing :D I think you can also make one as a cat toy - the rattle will drive em nuts!

  4. My god, these are all adorable! I love the squid most <3